1950s Time Capsule House

20140412-081039.jpg A 96-year-old Toronto resident is selling her home of 72 years, lovingly and impeccably decorated wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, in the 1950s and ’60s.


Behind The Scenes

blue_white_kitchen Here’s another Viking Range kitchen set inspiration. This was a more traditional set inspired by blue and white pottery – it ended up as the tile backsplash. The black and white supporting palette keeps the overall look graphic and crisp, but the white on the cabinets is a soft white so that the contrast doesn’t end up too harsh. The dark floor grounds the whole room, and the stencil on the floor adds another pattern to the mix, but at a larger scale.

Color Tip #8

contrastContrast is another important design element to consider when choosing a color. Both high and low contrast color combinations can be used successfully for different goals. High contrast can make something stand out (or not). Low contrast can make something recede. But when people say they want their room to “pop,” what they usually are craving is more contrast.

Behind The Scenes

red_kitchHere’s another Viking set. This one was a “Scandinavian-inspired kitchen.” I wanted to showcase the bright red range, so I used a warm natural wood tone for the cabinetry and a crisp (but warm) white for the counters and walls. The tile floor is also a warm tone, with just a little red in it. I also reversed the color palette on the island – white cabinets with a warm wood countertop. This is a nice way to accent an island and bring it more attention, or just break up the room a bit more.